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Smarthphone Headset

ROSSO HEADSET has been designed to offer excellent acoustic and a perfect wearability thanks to the soft padded cups. The noise cancelling military microphone makes the communication clear and reliable even in noisy environments.

Thanks to GSM the headset can be used with any smartphone in any location where gsm is available. No radio or licenses are required anymore.

By using the Conference Call function available on all smartphones it is now possible to communicate with many people at the same time so that the pit and the driver are always in touch. (Please check the service supplied by your gsm provider).

A PTT button has been placed on the right headphone; alternatively, a version without PTT button is available.

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HS 10 PHONE comes with:
PTT (Push To Talk) button to enable microphone
External noise is cancelled only voice goes through
Headset with Military Microphone
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Available Versions
Jack 3,5 connector for smartphone
Jack 3,5 for smartphone and PTT button
Main Features And Specifications

– Noise cancelling MILITARY microphone (It eliminates background noises so that just your voice passes through)
– Highly efficient foam windshield
– Smartphone compatible 3.5 mm jack connector
– Coiled extension cord for maximum comfort
– Acoustic ear cups with noise reduction (-28db)
– PTT (Push To Talk) button to enable microphone
– Ergonomic design for a perfect fit

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